Saturday, October 23, 2021

hall of fame 

The Spearfish Tennis Association initiated this honor to recognize men and women who have contributed to the growth and enjoyment of tennis in the community by their service, their teaching and coaching, and dedication to and passion for the sport.
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2019 Hall of Fame Inductees

2019 hof

At our annual banguet at Guadalajara's Restaurant on December 14, the Spearfish Tennis Association inducted Maury Etem and Dick Hicks as the first members of the  Spearfish Tennis Associaiton Hall of Fame.

Pat Salcone, an STA board member, introduced Maury and presented him with a certificate inducting him into the STA Hall of Fame.
Kent Meyers, an STA board member, presented Dick's wife, Rita, with Dick's certificate.
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2019 -  Maury Etem, Dick Hicks